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    DVD Disks that will play on both PC and TV?


      This is probably a well know issue both I find it difficult to get a definite answer.

      I have successfully created a four DVD Disk series through Premiere Pro CS3, Encore CS3. All the disks play on my work computer, Laptops and also on several DVD players at home.

      However, I then burned 13 sets of the Disks and distributed them to our offices around Europe and I got many mixed results. I used DVD+R Maxell disks.

      Some PC's could play them, some could not. Some TV's could play them and some could not.

      I had to then vary the mix of re burning with Sony and Maxell DVD-R's DVD+R's DVD+RW's etc....just to get all the offices sorted out. I re burned with Nero, ImgBurn, It was costly.

      Can anyone recommend a possible solution of disk format that can satisfy everyone?

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          The common wisdom to maximize playability is to author the DVDs with a maximum bitrate of 8 MB/s then to burn using high quality DVD-R blanks from Taiyo Yuden or at a minimum Verbatim. While Sony and Maxell are sometime OK they are not high quality. Avoid Memorex.
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            The common fallacy is that the bitrate should be limited. Let's stop spreading that nasty rumor, shall we? ALL DVD players can handle the same maximum bitrate of 10 Mbps.

            A proper solution to the problem is to follow three simple guidelines.

            1. Good media. I'm afraid Sony and Maxell just don't qualify here. Like Pierre said, use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

            2. A good burn. This means two things - slow burn speeds, and a good burner. Not all hardware is created equal. Some research at CDRinfo.com before buying a DVD burner is always in order. They do extensive testing and can help you find a good quality burner.

            3. Correct format. I find that -R will work in about 99% of cases (especially after following 1 and 2 above), but for that rare case that it doesn't, as you noticed, using a +R or +RW will sort out that last 1%.
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              Thanks for the advise.

              I'll order the Verbatims or Taiyo Yuden disks and retry at the slower burn speeds.

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                I think the problem is bigger than the answers imply. I too have found that now that I have moved up to CS3 many DVD players will not read my disks. I am using the exact same burner, same disk (out of the same pack) and same files. They worked when run through Premiere 2.0, but fail with CS3. Obviously, there has been a change in the software that no longer supports as many DVD players as previously. I have tried other disk media and write speeds, all with the same effect. The only solution that I can think of at the moment is it junk Encore and switch to a different DVD burning program. Nero creates DVDs from my CS3 avi files, but the files end up taking up far too much room on the disk - so that appears to be a poor solution. The problem is pretty obviously in the transcoding code that Premiere has switched to - not in the disks, burn speeds or anything else like that.
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                  See replies in your other post: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c0621b9