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      Hi to all, this is my first post to this forum. I just upgraded to pp cs3 from pre elements and am relearning what I already was familiar with. My current problem is adjust the video fade. In elements I could clk on the fade in/out and then take my cursor to the timeline and drag the dot over farther to make a more gradual fade, this doesnt appear to be the process in pre pro. I see dip to black and some other options but I cant figure out how to extend the time or duration of the fade. Pointing me in the right directiion would be much appreciated.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Study the manual or Help file on the Effects Control Panel.
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            When you apply the transition to the timeline you will see a small grey rectangle at the top of the clip. You may have to zoom in the time line to see it properly. You do that by dragging the small end of the viewing area bar at the very top of the timeline. You can then drag the boundary of the transition and set it to whatever you like assuming you have enough overlap. You can also use the "Effect Controls" panel after clicking on the transition.
            These are very basic. I suggest you either read the User manual or a good elementary book on Premiere.
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              llaferte Level 1
              You need to adjust the opacity of the clip you want to "Fade" in/out on. As the opacity is reduced from 100% to 0% what ever is below it on the time line is revealed. So if you want to "fade to black" make sure that you either have black video below the clip or nothing at all.

              You can drag/drop the Cross Dissolve effect to the end of your clip. By default it will apply the effect over 30 frames, but you can grab the beginning of the effect once it is on the clip and stretch it to what ever length you like, or (more accurately) adjust the settings in the Effect Controls tab.

              http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/PremierePro/3.0/help.html?content=WS1c9bc5c2e465a58a91cf0b 1038518aef7-7c6b.html
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                I appreciate the response. The print in the user manual is so tiny I cant read it even with my glasses on. I used pre elements for a year and got very familiar with it but in pre pro things seem to be done slightly different and this doenst surprise me because its a heavy duty nle. Thanks again for the response, I will try your suggestion out.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  Try the Help file if the manual is too difficult.
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                    akribie Level 2
                    The easiest way is to drop a Cross Fade transition on the end of the clip and stretch it as required to get the speed of fade you want. Much easier than fiddling with opacity handles.