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    New Premiere Pro CS3 Podcast #26: Creating ESPN Style Video Effects (part 3)

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      How to use a Premiere Pro title and the Track Matte video effect to highlight a region of video.


      In part 3 of this podcast, host Jeff Schell shows you how to take a clip of a football game -- or any sports event-- and add a Track Matte effect to highlight or emphasize specific players, similar to effects used on ESPN SportsCenter. Jeff walks you through the steps of defining the region to be emphasized by using the Pen tool in the Premiere Pro Titler to create a matte shape.

      Then Jeff shows how to add the Track Matte to create your matted video. Jeff shows you how to use the Black & White and ProcAmp video effects to dim the background video. Jeff also uses the Gaussian Blur effect to soften the edges of the matte shape. And finally, Jeff ties it all together by nesting th track matte sequence into the original sequence, and applying a Cross Dissolve transition to gradually fade in the video.