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    Sony HDminiDV 16:9 to 4:3 SD DVD

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      I have HD footage shot on a Sony HDR-HD7 HDminiDV format in 16:9 format. I am using capturing to PPCS3 and exporting to Encore. I've tried every setting I can find to change to NTSC 4:3 but not matter what, I always end up with a SD DVD in 16:9 format, and, I will add, of very marginal quality depending on the settings. This is my first HD camera and first HD project, so I assume I am just setting something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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          I can't help with the quality issues, but the 16:9 is normal. I recommend leaving it like that.
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            I had hoped to be able to shoot in 16:9 and crop to 4:3 depending on the use. That was the original footage, theoretically, could be preserved at the highest and best quality, and output to SD and/or 4:3. I see the need to be able to provide HD as well as SD for the same project and both formats. However, personally I prefer full screen viewing as compared to wide screen viewing, so I had hoped to be able to produce both. Maybe not.
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              Was the footage properly composed for 4:3 viewing?
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                At this point I consider the footage technical experimentation. So, the composition is not an issue. Eventually it will be so I appreciate your mentioning it. At this point it is solely the technicality of filling a widescreen TV with the image. I guess I am not clear on what 16:9 is. When I play 16:9 on a widescreen TV via an encore produced SD DVD, there is still a black band at the top and bottom. So, I think I improperly worded the issue regarding 4:3 which is not actually what I want. Is it that widescreen TVs are not actually 16:9 ratio?
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                  Shooting 16:9 footage, making a 16:9 DVD, and watching on a 16:9 set, there definitely should be no black bars. Start by checking your DVD player and TV settings to make sure they're correct for the desired playback.
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                    I've tried this on two different DVD players and two different wide screen TVs, and the result is identical. I have experimented with a half dozen different settings in PP and burned just as many DVDs only to have the same result. It almost seems like it is being rendered out to some kind of extra wide format instead of 16:9. But it sure looks good, and in the correct format, if you connect the camera's component or HDMI output directly to a 1080i TV. Now if I could just get that result from a DVD. Maybe it is just the consumer HD to SD conversion that is screwing it up.
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                      What is your workflow? Maybe we can pinpoint where it goes wrong.
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                        Recorded HD on a Sony HDR-HC7 onto Sony brand HDminiDV tape, captured via fire wire from tape in camera to PPCS3. For the purpose of testing, single short scenes dropped into the time line, no effects or transitions. Exported to Encore, burned to DVDs using about every option Encore has to offer. I've also tried numerous setting in PP for the export to Encore. Even when I select NTSC 4:3 output I still end up with wide screen, I assume 16:9 on the DVD. I could get more specific on the settings if that would be helpful. None of the settings seem to make any noticeable difference in the format, other than up/down in the quality of the images. Thanks for your time.
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                          WARNING Do not buy Adobe Premiere Pro C 3 it is not supported by ADOBE. When looking to purchase PP from adobe I called the customer support and asked questions specific to my needs.
                          1 will this program import mpeg video picture and sound from a Sony Hard Drive camera.
                          2 Will it edit HD footage from a Sony HD Hard Drive camera? Will it import that footage and can you work on it directly.
                          I was told yes to both questions.
                          I now have a product that will not work or do those things.
                          I searched for hours for information on this subject but found nothing. I finally called Adobe support and I am now very upset after spending hours and hours on this and over 2 hours on the phone I find out that there are no codecs installed or downloadable that will work with the program. The one I did find and install froze the=program and I had to re-install it.
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                            (Ignoring post 9)


                            Missing some important data there. When you drop the clips on a timeline, what project preset are you using? When you export to Encore, what settings are you using? Etc.
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                              The PP presets I am using (I've tried them all), are HDV1080i30.
                              16:9 interlaced HD video 29.97
                              Drop frame timecode
                              Video settings:
                              Frame size 1440x1080 (medium qual)
                              Pixel aspect ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080
                              Fields: Upper field first
                              Export to Encore
                              Blu-Ray Disc single layer mpeg-2
                              Encoder settings: 1440x1080 29.97 med qual
                              NTSC, dropframe, upper

                              I used the PP -> to Encore as Blu-ray settings persuant to another comment in a post. I then Build a DVD from encore. The result is fairly poor quality, but most notable is wide horizontal bands across any moving images. I noticed these bands in the capture window when I was doing the original capture in PP. But once I dropped a few clips into the timeline and played them on the monitor window, the bands were not there. But they return after burned to the DVD just like I saw them during the capture. So I can't figure that. Also, you can see the pixels on the entire scene flickering during any movement.
                              There seem to be two distinct groups of options for the PP -> Encore settings, which are pland 1440x1080 of varying quality settings. Or, HDV1080 which has a frame size of 1920x1080 instead of 1440x1080 of the former. I can't see much difference in the result changing either setting.

                              I originally had out PP -> Encore using the SD settings and tried using the Blu-Ray settings then Build to DVD in Encore. The bottom line, like Hugh Hansard has been saying in topic "HDV -->SD DVD Workflow?", is that no combinations of any settings seem to produce acceptable quality. My proportions at this point in time seem to be the least of my problems. Just getting HDV footage/project burned onto a SD DVD with acceptable quality is the big problem.

                              Other options
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                                Like I say, I can't help with the quality. But I don't see anything in your post that would cause incorrect aspect ratio in the final DVD.