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    Cube Spin Video transition behavior


      I see that the cube spin video transition behaves in an odd way. I was wondering if there was a way to alter it.

      Here is the behavior:

      (example created for clarity)
      Clip A (the 1st clip) is nothing but frames (30fps) of a big letter A.
      Clip B (the 2nd clip) is nothing but frames (30fps) of a big letter B.

      When a cube spin video transition is inserted between them:

      As the cube begins to spin to the right you see the letter A on the face that is leaving you as you would expect.
      As you begin to see the coming side, it oddly also has the letter A that then changes to the letter B.
      Sometimes the leaving A side also changes to the letter B, but not always.

      Is it possible to get a behavior where the leaving side is always A and the coming side is always B?

      I have the transition centered on +0.
      Frame blend and hold do not seem to affect this.