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    AVI Audio Issue

      Greetings CS3 Guru's...

      I have a question/issue that I'm sure most of you frequent posters can easily answer.

      Here's the scoop... I used the conversion software voltaicHD to convert my AVCHD files into .AVI files. The files play and edit fine within WMM but once I import the AVI clip into Premiere Pro CS3, only the video portion of the clip shows up. I used G-Spot to determine what codecs VoltaicHD used when converting the files and here are the results:

      Video Codec: S-Mpeg 4 version 2
      Audio Codec: 0x0161 (WMA v2)

      Additional info I've found when looking at the properties of the AVI file within CS3.

      Video track 1:
      Size is 17.59M bytes (average frame = 24.33K bytes)
      There are 64 keyframes, 701 delta frames.
      Frame rate is 29.97 fps
      Frame size is 1440 x 1080
      Depth is 24 bits.
      Compressor: 'MP42', ffdshow Video Codec

      Audio track 1:
      Size is 597.00K bytes
      Rate is 48000 samples/sec
      Sample size is 16 bits
      Compatible compressor: Unknown (ID = 353)

      Can anyone tell me why the audio is not being recognized by premiere? Seems like a codec issue but I'm not sure. Keep in mind I am very green when it comes to editing video and even greener when it comes to using CS3 Premiere Pro. FYI, I've already done quite a bit of searching in the FAQ's and have found similar posts but nothing that has helped thus far. If you guys can break this issue down "Barney' level for me I would greatly appreciate it!

      Thanks in Advance!
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          Anyone? Do I need to provide additional information? FYI, I'm using Premiere Pro CS3 v. 3.0.1
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            Ruud Blauw Level 1
            My guess is that it is because of the "Compatible compressor:
            b Unknown
            (ID = 353)". If GSpot can't detect what codec has been used to compress the audio then PPro probably doesn't know either.

            Maybe you should ask ShedWorx/VoltaicHD. Their site doesn't help much. It says:
            i What is the output format?
            i The final format uses the AVI codec, at the same resolution as the camera recorded the clip.

            As an "AVI codec" doesn't exist (AVI is a container format, not a codec) the information is worse than useless.
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              Just to clarify, I do believe g-spot does recognize the codec. It lists the Audio Codec as "0x0161 (WMA v2)." However, when I right click on the properties of the AVI on my time-line within CS3 it reports "Compatible compressor: Unknown (ID = 353)".

              Any logical reason why CS3 doesn't recognize the WMA v2 audio codec within the AVI file?
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                Premiere just wasn't designed to edit that kind of media. Only reason I can think of.
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                  Jim...are you saying that premiere is not designed to handle AVI files or the codecs I've listed? Or both? If so, why?

                  What specific media is premiere designed to handle? Keep in mind I'm a very novice user.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    I'm saying Premiere Pro seems to work best with DV media you shot yourself on a DV camera, or for high definition with DVCPro HD media from a Panasonic camera. Any other kind of video, and there's a chance you'll have issues, and that includes HDV for which there are presets.