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    OMF and AAF support

      1st question was Premiere CS3 made by people who know nothing about editing and the simple requirements. I say this because it lacks OMF export from a premiere sequence.

      Is adobe going to ever include OMF export in premiere. I want and im sure others would like it to to be able to export OMF from the sequence I am working in. It is an essential part of main stream editing especially when you need to hand over your work to a Audio production house.

      I dont want to have to export and AAF then bring it into AVID which is what we have switched from and then use that to export to OMF.

      Now AAF export is a pain. I dont want to export the entire project to AAF nor should I have to split the audio and Video from an video file in the timeline it should be clever enough to work it out itself. And if I do have to split the audio from video I want handles to be an option.

      I just want to see an AAF be able to export from the sequence I am using with handles. At the moment it is very messy.

      Thank you
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          Hi Martin,

          You may have read my posts in the Premiere Pro 2.0 AAF/OMF thread!

          I think one of the problems is that Pro-Tools implementation of AAF seems to be a bit dodgy anyway...

          Just try exporting an AAF from Premiere CS3, and open it in Sony Vegas 8 - it's PERFECT!

          Now, about render/replace - video/audio splitting. I've found I don't need to do this... maybe this is cos I used Cineform Aspect HD.

          I think you need to raise to Adobe (and via this forum isn't the way to do it - I really don't think they have the time to read through it!) that the AAF export needs to automatically split the audio from m2t HDV (i'm assuming this is your problem?).

          Basically - for all our sanity's sake... Adobe need to include OMF support.

          Currently the only way for me to get our feature film out to a professional post production audio house is to export AAF, import into Avid(!!!), then Batch Import the media, then export an OMF from Avid. This is rubbish.

          How many Adobe designers/software engineers have ever made a feature film and sent their projects to Pro-Tools audio houses? None I should imagine from their implementation of audio.

          Cheers, Doug.