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    Motherboard memory settings

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      One of my systems running CS3 is an Intel Core 2 Duo. It has 4 gigs of DDR2, but only shows as 2.75 gigs. I believe that this has to do with dual-page setup, etc - which is supposed to be faster at the expense of less RAM reporting...

      I am wondering is this the best way to run PP CS3, or would I be better off having it report the full 4 gigs - from a stabilty standpoint at least. I ask because it seems that it crashes a lot (or what I consider to be a lot, which is anything more than ZERO times a day!)

      Or does PP CS3 just crash anyway, no matter what you do? I am editing HDV, so I am not sure what to expect - but even when I wasn't it seemed like Premiere is just prone to crashing. I haven't used my Avid Xpress system in years but I maintain the upgrades every year just in case. I don't remember Xpress Pro EVER crashing, although I only edited SD on it. At the same point in history I seem to remember Premiere to crash a lot, even with SD.

      Is this just the way of the Adobe world, i.e. "save often", or is my experience unique and I just have something set wrong? Are there really people on this forum who can say that CS3 never crashes, or only crashes once in a blue moon? Just curious - Adobe apologists need not reply...

      But more importantly, any help with the memory settings? I am running an EVGA 680i motherboard by the way, but realize that all motherboards are different with regard to memory settings.

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          Operating system?

          My Premiere Pro CS3 crashes once every lunar eclipse. Very stable.
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            Oops. Forgot to mention that I am running Windows XP Professional, 32-bit version. Updated regularly.

            Initially I thought maybe my onboard audio card was the culprit, but I recently switched to a Soundblaster Live that I had in a box. It does seem to be more stable, so that was probably part of it... But still having issues with it crashing... Would it make more sense to have all 4 gigs register, even if it reduces the memory speed? I ask because it doesn't appear that even the full 2.75 gigs is fully being used when it happens. Task Manager was reporting over 1 gig free last time it happened, etc.

            NDOR0083 - The bad news is your system will crash tonight. (02/20/08) The good news is that you should be ok for a few years after tonight... haha

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              Your XP isn't going to report more than about 2.75 GB memory. From what I understand Windows pre-empts the rest for its own sinister purposes. But its all still there, and being used for something or other. I don't think memory is your problem. Hard to say what is.