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    Film Effects for editing applications (XSLIMITS Company)

      Hey all. I came across a company called XSLimits on YouTube. They make custom presets for film styles or looks for Premiere, After Effects, and Sony Vegas. They are having a 50% off sale right now, but wanted to get some feedback to see if any of you are happy with their products.

      It seems they are using the native editing app's filters and effects and combining them to make a custom preset and not developing their own software such as Magic Bullet. The price seems right and it will not take as long to render as Magic Bullet. On the other hand Magic Bullet maybe a higher quality and have more options, but for the event (wedding) videographer, this looks promising.

      Talking about quality, the presets are available for either Premiere or Sony editing apps or for After Effects. Wouldn't the quality be better in AE?