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    .TOD Files JVC HD Everio

      Can't import the .TOD files. Is there a solution other than the "get a minidv camera" response that seemed programmed into one of the posters here? I got this camera for a reason - where I use this there's a lot of sand. Tapes no likey sand. I know the engineers at Sony came up with a quick patch to handle this file import for Vegas so I'm sure the very talented engineers could do the same for Premiere without any trouble. :)

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Premiere Elements, maybe.
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            Why not just add this feature to the program? Cyberlink Powerdirector is an $80 program that has the ability to import and edit .TOD files.

            One would expect a product like Premiere to have this feature if a product costing a fraction of the price has the ability.

            I know someone is gonna say, "well go use that program". Thanks, but I'd rather use Premiere. :)

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Well, I myself don't really expect a professional level program to edit consumer media whose very design makes it a poor choice for editing. That's not to say it never will, just that I don't expect it to.

              Personally, I would prefer team Premiere kept focus on supporting professional media, like AVC-I, and leave the consumer stuff to the consumer program.
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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                >Why not just add this feature

                Since this is a USER TO USER forum, you'll have to talk to Adobe

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                  mickkeay Level 1
                  wolf - Think I had this working a while back - Can you post a few seconds of TOD footage up at one of the file sharing free sites and post the link
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                    iverio 30


                    only tried the demo so far but looks good
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                      I bought Premiere Pro assuming that it would handle anything that Premiere Elements would.  Bad assumption.  I'm forced back to Elements.  I wonder if I can get my money back.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Welcome to the forum.


                        Actually, I have PrE, because it handles several consumer-level CODEC's better than does PrPro. They are aimed at different users.


                        PrE got full, native AVCHD almost a year before PrPro did. Other formats/CODEC's are similar.


                        OTOH, PrE cannot handle P2 media, or RED footage, like PrPro.


                        For ease of handling consumer-level formats and CODEC's, with some exceptions, PrE is the better program.


                        Good luck,




                        BTW - JVC seems to have dropped the TOD wrapper.

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                          I'm not a Premiere Pro user yet, currently a Final Cut user but I think I can solve your problem.  I have the JVC HD7 camcorder and been quite successful in using footage in Final Cut and avid liquid.


                          Your problem should be solved by simply renaming the .TOD file extension to .M2T.  Should import just fine with no conversion/transcoding.  In fact I use an batch extension changer to change multiple clips all at once.


                          Also, Windows 7 will read the new .M2T files perfectly fine too.


                          I'm no pro but I think this will solve your problem.