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    HDV, Panasonic P2 and trial version of Premiere Pro CS3.1

      Does anyone know if the trial version of Premiere Pro CS 3.1 supports HDV
      and Panasonic's P2?

      I want to show Premiere Pro working to a couple of producers as an
      alternative to Avid for some of our projects.

      They won't fork out to buy a full version until they know it works but what
      I don't want to do is demo a trial version that isn't going to work with HDV
      and P2 as that will just appear to them as "not fit for purpose" and they'll
      never look at it again! You all know the mindset I'm sure.

      Are there any other things to watch out for that won't work? I know that
      some things, due to copyright restrictions, won't be available in the trial
      version but I can't seem to find much in the way of clear guidelines and
      information on this.

      Many thanks.