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    Re-link audio, offline, dynamic link

      Was wondering if some one could help me with a couple of questions.
      I have moved back to premiere from liquid (lack of HD updates) and purchased the CS3 pro bund.
      1, Is it possible to relink video to audio if the audio has been deleted (ie when dragging clip on to timeline and it overrides the audio track.) In Liquid I would just right click on the clip in the timeline then choose the audio tracks I wanted back by clicking the tick boxes
      2, I use AE a lot, but find the dynamic link VERY slow when I have a large comp with many layer, so I still tend to use tiff sequences (so I just re-render the frames I need to), but for Premiere to relink, I have to restart it, is there no refresh, or do I have to "set click to work off line, then relink it.
      3, I work a lot in HD, and it can be SLOW,what is the best way to make low quality then re-link to the high quality (bit like offline and online)

      Hope some one can help