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    Premiere Pro CS3 on Mac versus Final Cut Pro

      Any of you working on a mac with Premiere Pro CS3? If so, why did you choose Premiere over Final Cut Pro?

      I'm currently using a Matrox RTX100 on a custom made PC that has all the correct pieces of hardware to make it work. It's running PPro 1.5 and I'm looking to upgrade to a new computer and wanted to know if PPro CS3 runs better or like butter on a Mac versus a PC. I will be using a Raid 0 1TB drive from G-Raid. For Mac the other option is Final Cut Studio 2.

      I've been a Premiere user since 1999-2000 and have had my share of grief with it but have grown to like it very much especially with the integration with AE.

      I want to know what your thoughts are if you were in the same position.


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          Bob Ramage Level 1
          I'm using PP CS3 on the Mac, having recently switched from a Windows machine. Since I already owned the Windows version of CS3 Adobe allowed me to "crossgrade" to Mac for the cost of shipping. I took a look at FCP but saw no compelling reason to make the switch in editing programs. If you do a lot of editing in HD it might be a different story as PP doesn't include an intermediate codec (FCP does), has issues with HDV video/audio sync and lacks native support for XDCAM. Hopefully these particular weaknesses in PP will be addressed soon.

          PP CS3 on the Mac has worked very well for me so far. The integration with AE is excellent. One other thing to note is that PP is available as a stand only app. This is no longer true of FCP, where you are forced to buy the entire Studio 2.
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            Level 1

            Are you using a Raid configuration? What type of Mac are you using? Specs like ram, graphics card?

            So, no lockups with Leopard? I downloaded PP CS3 on my friends iMac (with 1 duo core processor) and with 2 gigs of ram and it works pretty well. I think the graphics card though is keeping it from having a more fluid experience.

            Do you do this professionally or for fun?


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              Bob Ramage Level 1

              I'm not using a Raid configuration. I added an extra internal 1 TB SATA drive to my Mac Pro. I also make use of external drives with a USB connection. I own one of the new 2008 Mac Pros with dual quad-core 2.8 GHz Xeon processors, nVidia 8800 GT graphics card and (as of yesterday) 10 GB RAM. It came with 2 GB RAM and everything worked fine but I wanted the extra RAM to facilitate multi-processor rendering in AE.

              I've had no problems at all with Leopard. The recent 10.5.2 and graphics updates are excellent. I've only been working with this system and software for a few weeks so I can't give you a long-term perspective, but my experience so far has been very, very positive.

              I'm a professional independent video producer.

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                shooternz Level 6
                I am using CS3 on a Mac - all works fine. (I also have FCP suite installed in same machine but I prefer Premiere to FCP)

                I am just about to turn my Mac into a Windows XP machine via Bootcamp. (Dual boot so I can work however I want)

                Reasons: I am in my comfort zone with Windows, the Premiere windows version is more "complete" than the Mac version, my brain can only absorb so many keyboard shortcuts and I also have Mac "artists" that are more comfortable in a Mac environment so they are accomodated this way.