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    Do I need a fast system drive if i also have a RAID 0 array for media?

      If my video and media files are all on a Fast RAID array then do i need a fast system drive?

      Im building a system. The only thing on my system drive will be programs. And I will have a RAID array for my video and PSD files - but my System drive is an older UltraDMA EIDE133 250g Maxtor. This system drive is testing at 51mb/s Read, and 26mb/s write. (According to Blackmagic disk speed check program)

      A New SATA drive tests at 53 write and 43 read. So should i bother upgrading my system drive to a RAPTOR 150 or stick with the older EIDE drive? Main Programs i use are Adobe After effects, premiere pro, Photoshop for uncompressed editing with blackmagic intensity.

      MB: Tyan K8WE
      AMD Opteron 270 (dual)
      4GB RAM.
      Nvidia Quadro FX 560
      Apple cinema Display 30'
      4x500gb RAID array (2TB total) on Nvidia SATA motherboard controler.