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    Vista Service Pak 1...will it solve my problems?

      Facts: dual boot system with XP and Vista 32
      quad core intel processor, dual raid storage (800GB) for media only, intel 975xbx2kr mboard, evga 8800gts (Nvidia drivers), 4gb sdram, PPro CS3, Cineform Aspect 5.x

      History: Upgraded computer and video card March 2007, everything worked great in XP. Downloaded nvidia drivers in June 2007....ooops!...my cineform intermediate files would not play. System restore fixed problem.
      Forget Vista...nothing worked...

      Latest Nvidia drivers...no luck. Finally had to take the original drivers from Nvidia on my installation disc, (I think version 65.x..they are now up to 169.x), and install them...everything worked fine in XP. HD files created without Cineform have always worked fine.

      And now: trying to get Vista to run my cineform intermediate files. PremProCS3 runs great with the exception of display vs scrubbing differences in color, gamma, etc. But no luck with Media Player in Vista playing the files accurately. Hd files play great not created with Cineform, but not using Aspect is too much of a price to pay just to edit in Vista and not XP.

      Question: Has anyone had any luck with Vista32, EVGA8800gts (Nvidia), and Cineform Aspect 5.x, and Media Player11? Will SP1 for Vista Help?