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    Changes in Audio Output Mapping doesn't apply

    Jorgen Bjerke Level 1
      I have a brand new ASUS Xonar D2 7.1 audio card. The card has 8 outputs and a ASIO 2 driver (also with 8 outputs). In Audio Output Mapping in Preference, there is 8 outputs when I choose the ASIO driver.

      I discover that when I have a 5.1 project and move the puck around, the sound is outputting to the wrong speakers. I try to move the "squares" around in Audio Output Mapping, but whatever crazy output mapping I choose, the audio is still outputting to the same speakers.

      Is there a trick to make Output Mapping work? Could this be an audio card issue? I should mention that the card has on board converting from multi channel audio to DTS or Dolby Digital 7.1. I am using this conversion because my 5.1 receiver only has digital multi channel input.

      Could someone please help me. I have searched all over for an answer (including the manuals)