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    How many titler fonts are included with CS3?

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      Since installing Prem CS3 I can only use about 16 fonts in the titler with about the same that are listed but not usable. (will just print circles or such like). In Prem Pro 2.0 I had loads but not any more. I have just installed on a fresh machine under XP and all just the same.

      I'm sure there should be more but certain how to progress this one???

      This was a new install on fresh H/D with only Adobe and Matrox software installed apart from the normal Microsoft mouse/keyboard and virus software.

      Regards to all
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          There are probably some fonts included with CS3, but fonts are managed by your OS. Many programs will install additional ones, and there are thousands available for purchase, plus some free ones. The installation of fonts is handled through Control Panel>Fonts. If you had more, reinstalled the OS, and have fewer now, it is because the OS comes with but a few. Most of the fonts that you remember were probably for other software, like wordprocessors, etc.

          Before you did your reinstall, did you do a backup of your system? You should be able to find these other fonts and reinstall them on your system. I keep all my TT fonts in one folder and all of my PS fonts in another with necessary sub-folders, and then use either they system or a font manager to install the ones that I need. Last time I looked, I had about 6000, but only a handful are installed on the system at boot.

          I'd check the latter discs of the set for any Adobe fonts, that might be included. In some previous additions of Adobe programs, they were in Goodies>Fonts, but a lot has changed. Also, IIRC, all included Adobe fonts are now OpenType, so you may have to poke around a bit to find them. As I do not have CS3, I can't give you the exact location. Also, I use the old, discontinued ATM Pro 3.5 to manage my OT and PS fonts, loading in just the extras that I need for a job, and it has not been available for some years. Other font management utilities can do pretty much the same.