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    Adding video to a picture frame ( jpg image ) masking question

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      Hi guys,

      I have an image of a picture frame, and I want to add some video inside the picture frame, but don't want the video to be seen outside the picture frame.

      How would I go about getting the video into the frame ?

      I have tried adding the "simple 3D " preset to my footage, and have put the video footage ON TOP of the picture frame later ( a simple jpg )

      Is there a correct proceedure to doing this ? or am I on the right track here ?

      I also notice one thing, - when I applied the Simple-3D preset, I can do a simple perspective on it.

      I applied a 22 degree "swivel" on the video footage, which correctly aligns the TOP of the video with the picture frame, however, the bottom of the video is out of whack slightly.

      On the bottom left, the video is perfect ( in the lower left corner of the picture frame ) however, on the right side ( bottom right ) the video is angled too much upward, and so there is a space there, and doesn't look correct.

      What do you suggest ?

      In photoshop, I would simply cut out the real photo from the picture frame, and put another image UNDER the frame and apply a simple masking to it, and this way it would be perfect, however I don't think this is how we can do it in Premiere ( ? ) I'm fairly certain about this, but could be wrong.

      If I am correct, then somehow I need to skew the video slightly ?

      Thanks for any suggestions,