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    How to clean up video audio?

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      I have a .avi as part of a PP CS3 project. Is there a way to clean the audio in PP or do you have to go to Soundbooth?

      I made a copy of the .avi and attempted to clean it in Soundbooth. When saving it complained about formats or something and produced a poor quality video. I would prefer to do as little unnecessary processing on the video as possible.

      Is the correct procedure to "Unlink" the audio from the video in PP? Then use Soundbooth with just the audio file? Is that what Unlink is for? Does it produce a separate audio file?

      There is an export/import audio feature. Is that intended for audio cleanup? I really don't want to work on all the audio, just the noisy piece.

      thanks for any ideas,
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          I can only comment on the CS2 Audio operations using Audition, and not CS3 and Soundbooth, but...

          In the above, a right-click on the Clip brings up Edit in Audition. Work can be done there, and when you Save from Audition, it replaces the linked Audio with the processed Audio (new name) on the Timeline and the Clip still has linked Audio & Video. I would *guess* that it's the same with Soundbooth. Also, you can Ctrl-click on the Audio portion and do all sorts of operations on just the Audio. Basically, you have unlinked the two. You can re-link them afterwards. You should be able to do similar in CS3/Soundbooth. I would assume that a Save in Soundbooth would work just like my workflow from Audition with a direct replacement of the Audio in the same format.

          I've found that PP's Audio processing is far less robust, than Audition's and probably Soundbooth's. In Audition, there are tons of "noise" reduction processes, that one can use. Still, there is no magic bullet for poor sound - you can often times make it better, but there is only so much that you can do.

          When you get the workflow issues sorted out, you might want to ask specific questions about the Audio processing in the Soundbooth forum, as you will likely have the input from audio engineers there. I do the same with Audition, and ask that they please "dumb down" their replies, as I will never be close to their level. They have always been kind and patient with me, and have helped me clean up stuff that I thought was totally lost.