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    Sony HVR A1U compatability   HELP

      First thanx for any help offered. I'm techno-illiterate so please be gentle...lol.

      1. For reasons I wont go into I am all but certain to be using PPcs3 and the afore mentioned camera together unless someone comes up with some reason I absolutely shouldnt go this route. The choice isnt mine really but its just too complicated to go into... so

      What sort of compatability/limitations/ issues can I expect if this unit is thrust upon me? Is it a good choice? Does anyone use one and are they happy with it? Import/format/export issues etc.

      I went to the hd/hdv/dvcam etc... compatability page and was very confused with what I found there. The camera records at 60/ 30/ 24 but the page seems to indicate 1080/60 only. Help? So confused. Does it easily import from this camera?
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          Shoot 1080i (60) and you will have no problems with Premiere Pro CS3 as long as your PC is beefy enough. If you want to use the other formats, I usually recommend CIneform Aspect HD.
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            Ok that sets my mind somewhat at ease. Thanx. But it does present a new question:
            Is there an under $500 workaround??? Like for 30 and 24 cineframe? Or a program thats a bit less expensive that has a format I can go to that Cs3 will recognize and import some of those other formats. I realize Cineform (I just went to their site) is the IDEAL solution. Is there a workable less than ideal (maybe even multi step) one also? One thats not gonna cause horrifying lossy conversion? Prbably not but have to ask. Budget strained beyond breaking point already...lol.
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              No. There are no other solutions for 30f or 24f, mainly because they are not real formats. You can shoot 30f and capture it as 60i, because it really is. Cineform does a little magic trick to make it work.

              So shoot 60i and just deinterlace at the end if you need to.

              Don't be fooled into thinking that 24f is more "film" like.