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    Can't see the anchor point or bezier handles when editing an effect

      Please help! This may be an easy fix, but when editing an effect I can no longer see the anchor point, keyframes, or bezier handles on the timeline image. Specifically, I am keyframing the Brush Position in the Write-on effect, and while I can move the brush position, there is no visual cross-hair on the image nor bezier handles to adjust the curve... every adjustment is therefore a guess as to where the adjustment handle is.

      Is there a button that toggles anchor point and keyframe path display? Obviously, not being able to see what you're working on is very frustrating. I tried to click the icon to the left of the Write-on effect bar (4-point square with the selection tool in the upper right), but nothing happens. The write-on effect bar is selected and the Brush Position is in keyframe mode.

      Thank you in advance for your help.