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    HDV1080i25 footage changes to 29,97 fps? Something is not right

      I have encountered this event to happen with Premiere Pro and now with CS3. I have a project that is created HDV1080i25 and I have captured the footage to this format. Now when I start to use the footage, the frame rate is all of the sudden transformed to 29,97. This has happened earlier with a PAL project. The project stays as it has been set, but the video files are, for a reason or another, changed to NTSC.

      This isn't what I'd expect my software to do without informing me. And this isn't the first time, there are at least three times this has happened with PAL footage. The only solution I've found has been to recapture the footage in a new project, and hope for the best.


      There is a freeware software called AVIcodec. It shows that the files are 25fps, but Premiere Pro and After Effects CS3 are saying: video 29,97 fps, 1440x1080 (1,333). Thought this is not the case. If I export the footage to tape, it is exported as 29,97fps and not as the project settings are. Creating a new project does not help at all. The video detection seems to be faulty?