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    When Tape ends computer blue screens

      When capturing from my JVC camera through the firewire in my sound card it works most of the time. However if the tape ends during capture the entire computer will crash and go into a blue screen listing "Machine Check Error" or something like that. I've been able to replicate it to when the tape ends and tested all my other hardware to see if anything else was at fault. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a work around or is it based on my ancient camera?

      I'm using a amd x2 4800, 3 gigs of ram, geforce 7800gtx, audigy 2 zs, 500 gig raid x0, jvc camera model gr-dvm90. Adobe Premier Pro CS3.

      I can mostly work around it but if there is some way to fix it then that would be great. Thanks.

      -Greg LaRose