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    FLV files won't play in other programs

      Has anyone experienced this...
      I encode FLV's using PP CS3 with no hickups during the encoding. They play fine in Windows Media Player (latest version). But not all players play them. I put them on our streaming server and they won't play in our web pages using the Dreamweaver player. They play fine if i use the jeroenwijering media player but not Adobe's own media player which comes with Dreamweaver.

      My biggest problem is that I have several FLV files that I need to convert to some other video format (AVI, MPG, etc.) But none of the programs I've tried will even recognize the FLV files created with PP CS3.
      I used Movavi FLV converter and Riva FLV Encoder and a couple others and nothing works.

      Has anyone else experienced this and have they found a solution?