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    Convert 4:3 to 16:9


      I have a movie that i shot in 4:3 sometime ago. Now I have to convert it from 4:3 to 16:9. How do I do it in Premier Pro CS 3 or should I do it in After Effects ? Is it possible to do it without the picture being "streched out" and the people in it start looking weird ? I don't want to just put blackbars on the picture.


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          I'm no pro but I believe black bars are your only option, someone correct me if im wrong......
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4
            You can proportionately scale the 4:3 clip up without distortion until it vertically fits the frame, but the side will be cut off. That is the only alternative.

            For details see:

            http://ppro.wikia.com The PremiereProPedia
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              Unless I am wrong the opposite is true. A 4/3 clip imported in a 16/9 project will have black bars on each side. You can scale the clips proportionately to fit horizontally (scale of 133.333%) but you will loose the top and bottom of your clips. This is very often not a great loss. Actually this is the way most people are setting their HD TV Plasma set to avoid burn-in on the sides of the screen. If you object to cutting people's head in tight shots, you can move these clips vertically downward.
              To reduce the loss you can take advantage of the TV overscan and scale the clip less then 133% leaving smaller black bars on the sides that will not be visible on a TV set. Some experiment is in order to find the scaling factor that best fit your TV.
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                shooternz Level 6
                Take a look at InstantHD plug-in(Red Giant)but you will get some scaling issue to cope with
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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4
                  Thanks for the correction Pierre, I wasn't thinking clearly.

                  http://ppro.wikia.com The PremiereProPedia