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    Customizing window component

      Hi All,

      I am facing a problem in customizing a window component. I have used the following line of code to generate a window component at runtime.

      mywin = mx.managers.PopUpManager.createPopUp(_root, mx.containers.Window, true,{closeButton: true, title:"Trial Window...."});

      Now I want to change the title background color and scroll color (internally a movieclip having a textarea is getting loaded into the window. so the scroll is coming when the textarea overflows.) of the window.
      I have used

      if (_global.styles.windowStyles == undefined) {
      _global.styles.windowStyles = new mx.styles.CSSStyleDeclaration();
      //_global.styles.windowStyles.setStyle("themeColor", "0x990000");
      //_global.styles.windowStyles.setStyle("skinTitleBackground", "0x990000"); .......etc

      But could not got the solution so far.

      Can anyone please help me out???

      Thanks in advance