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    How do I  resolve, prevent and remove duplicate index key words?

    rccrcoleman Level 1
      The problem I'd like to resolve in in my index is: I have mutiple 'Getting Started' topics in each module (for example). When I open the Index in the application and click 'Getting Started' I am presented with 41 selections. Could be more, I stopped counting after 41 and refused to scroll. I would have to click on each one to find the "Getting Started" topic I was looking for. I know as an end user that I would come un-glued if I had to click and close 41+ topics in my quest for help . Help should be ... well, helpful. If I need help the last thing I'm looking for is annoyance at a tool that I hoped would be my salvation. As I'm writing this I'm beginning to wonder if what I want can be accomplished. What can I do to indicate to the user what specific topic any given "Getting Started' refers to so they don't find themselves instead in a click and close coma? It seems to me that I have a bloated, out of control index. Any suggestions on how I might put my index on a diet and provide optimal index effectiveness??