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    2d3 filter render problem

    fredou_79 Level 1
      I have a problem with 2d3 stabilizing filter:

      When applied to certain clip it begins to blink rapidly applying effect and not applying effect which give the impression of zooming in/out very rapidly.

      This occurs when render out via adobe media encoder; I a a preview bug in PP3 with AspectHD that doesn't allow me to see preview on timeline of rendered clip, so I can't say if it does that in project as well before exporting it...

      At first I thought it could be because I used 100% smoothing correction, so lowered it progressively to 25 but it's not that; particularly since I can apply it well enough on another take of that shot that is a clip of same tape, captured during same session. Both clip aren't corrupted and play perfectly without 2d3 applied to them.

      Maybe I could use another stabilizer filter on them, any recommendations; heard that AEF got a good one?

      Thank you.

      My spec:

      ADM Athlon64 x2 4600+
      Sound Blaster X-FI
      4 GB ram 733 mghz
      separate HD raid 0 configuration for video
      dual monitor with Ultramon
      AspectHD 5.2 last built
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          2d3 SteadyMove is not compatible with Premiere Pro CS3. It is however compatible with After Effects CS3. Adobe has modified the Premiere Pro CS3 engine but not the After Effects engine when going to CS3. 2d3 has not made any announcement as to if and when they will update SM. If you wish to buy you may be better off with Mercalli.