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    Mutliple Split Screen?

      We want to put multiple shots on the screen and have them move around a little bit. We want to do sort of a Brady Bunch thing.
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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          The most simple means would be to apply Effect>Motion>Scale to the additional Clips. Place your main Clip on VT1 and the others above, VT2, etc. Apply the Effect to those. Then to move them, apply Effect>Motion and Keyframe that motion to suit your needs. This should work fine, provided that your additional Clips are pretty much sized the same. If not, you might want to edit them separately and Save_As, where the name indicateds the edited version. Then Import them and place them on the Timeline and do above.

          One could use Track Mattes to do a lot of this, but I'd keep it simple in my Project, unless I had a compelling reason not to do so.

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            Eddie Lotter Level 4
            Here are several tutorials that will help you with the concepts necessary to do picture-in-picture in Premiere Pro:

            http://ppro.wikia.com The PremiereProPedia