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    HDV on 3.0 GHz Processor?

      Hi there,
      I'm looking to upgrade to Premiere Pro CS3, however I'm not sure my system will support HDV editing. The system requirements state a minimum of a 3.4 GHz Processor for HDV editing, but is this really a requirement or a recommendation? I question this because my computer can edit HDV on Pinnacle 11 software. It has a 3.0GHz Processor, 4 GB RAM,500GB HDD, and runs on Win XP. Seems like a capable system to me. I contacted Adobe support and they said it would run, just as not as well. I also asked support at videoguys.com which stated that my system was crap and I need to upgrade. So I could use some of your opinions on whether you think it can handle CS3 before I spend the money for it..
      Thanks - Matt
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          Curt Wrigley Level 4
          3.4Ghz is the minimum for hdv, not the recommended. You are below that; so expect it to be a miserable experience. That was a nice system about 3 years ago. (Im on the same boat btw on one of my workstations)

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            Your PC is good enough if you use CIneform Aspect HD, but not to edit native.
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              Reading this post makes me wonder if my laptop is the culprit in the fact that I can't successfully export a blu-ray project. I have tried several times to export the 75-minute project, but about a half-hour or so in, PP CS3 mysteriously stops working. The laptop doesn't freeze or act erratically, so I doubt it's overheating...I guess it just doesn't have the horsepower to keep up with the demands of HD rendering.

              I have a 2.2 ghz dual-core Intel processor with 4 gig of RAM running Vista Home Premium.
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                Hi Sherri,

                That's one powerful laptop you have there. I did not know they made them this powerful yet.

                If you really wished to test out if your exporting is working correctly, you could export just a few minutes of your time line out to BluRay and then see if it exported correctly. I'd start there, just to make sure it is working like it should.

                Laptops will many times overheat, and you may not even know it. A good thing to buy is one of these little platforms that are AC powered that have 2 built in fans, and they will help cool your laptop computer.

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                  Does anyone know of a way I could upgrade my system without dumping $2000 in a new workstation? I'm familiar with adding RAM, video cards, disc drives, and other things with PCI/PCI-E slots and such. I'm not familiar with a processor exchange though. I know many people build their own computers, but can a processor exchange be done somewhat cheaply if it's possible? It just seems like an unnecessary upgrade on a system with 4 GB RAM, a 512MB performance video card, and a 500GB HDD; the only thing it's really lacking is processor power...
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    Looking at your processor, I'm guessing it's an older P4. If that's so, you may have to upgrade your motherboard to get a new CPU. A new motherboard could also mean new memory.

                    Take heart, though. You can get all three for maybe $800. And your system would probably be nearly three times as fast as it is now.
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                      Hi Matt,

                      I'd look for a local computer shop. Call them and see when you can take your computer in. They will look at it, and upgrade your cpu for you to whatever the max is it can take.

                      I think that's your best bet. There are many computer shops that will be more than eager to pull out a chip and dump a new one in, and most will do that free of charge, just so they can sell you that chip.

                      Or - you can take note of your motherboard, and then do some searching around and find yourself the fastest CPU you can put on your motherboard, and then attempt this yourself. Make very sure of your motherboard model, and make no assumptions. If you buy a brand new boxed cpu, you won't be able to take it back.

                      One thing I have learned, is that a 1.6 gHz Intel dual-core laptop with only 1 gig of ram, can outperform a 3.2 ghz computer with 2 gigs of ram, without any trouble at all. ( in rendering tests )

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                        P.S. I also agree with Jim.

                        There is a point where you have to decide, - is it worth upgrading an older computer ?

                        Many times it is not.

                        If you are only going to be adding a a tiny bit of cpu speed to a chip, then it is not. Memory is also another spot that needs to be addressed, the faster the ram on your computer, the faster your renders will be, and memory is much faster than it was 3 or 4 years ago.

                        I'm going to guess that your motherboard cannot support a dual-core or quad-core chip.

                        You may be better off buying a new computer, and keeping the other for internet surfing, etc.

                        One very important thing to look into, is the bus speed on the motherboard, - if you are buying a new computer, make sure the mainboard has a very high bus speed, so you can upgrade it in the future to faster chips.

                        I have a motherboard that is one revision too old, and because of this, I can't install a dual-core chip, which would be a lot faster than my 3.2 ghz chip I now have.

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                          That laptop fact is interesting to me, I wouldn't have better luck with my laptop would I? I hadn't even considered it as it is more of a daily use computer. It's running a 1.6 ghz AMD dual-core with 1 GB RAM, I still can't imagine that would outperform my workstation. Much less handle native HDV in CS3.

                          Jim you are right about the processor, it's a P4 w/ht, back from the ancient computer year of 2005... I can't check the motherboard specs because I won't be home for a few weeks.

                          The reason I'm trying to run this inexpensively is because I'm working on a business plan for a small business loan. I already have a JYC GY-HD110U w/accessories, CS3, blu-ray burner, and advertising costs approved. But it happened narrowly, the bank will not like a new workstation added to the tab, as I had foolishly overestimated my current one's ability.

                          If you guys were in this position, how would you try and handle it? I'd like to get an up to speed computer out of my pocket instead of approaching the bank again. But I havn't yet accepted the loan. I could hold off a year and recalibrate the plan and hope they accept it with another years experience; however, that would be a real downer on all the work I've done to start it. Any opinions?
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                            Hey Dave,

                            I did do a portion of my timeline and yes, it seems to be exporting correctly. I'm completely mystified...and very annoyed, as I have a cruise vacation video that I want to burn to DVD.

                            Another curious thing is that the portion of my timeline, which rendered out as a m2v file, was not able to be imported into Encore CS3. Funny enough, I was using the "export to encore" command originally. So I wonder what that means -- if I get the video to render out successfully, Encore won't complete the process? Guess I'll take a look in the Encore forum to see if anyone else has encountered that.
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                              Jim_Simon Level 8
                              > the faster the ram on your computer, the faster your renders will be

                              I think it needs clarification that while this is true, such improvements are very, very small. Especially compared to what a new CPU can do to speed things up.

                              Given what you intend to do here, I'd do what needs to be done to upgrade your edit station. If the bank can't see the wisdom of the additional expenses, then maybe drop some camera accessories, or the Blu-ray burner, until a paying job comes in that actually needs those things, and charge them for it.

                              One reality of many business ventures is that with X amount of dollars, things will work and profit can be had. But starting with less than X, you could flop entirely, even if your off by only a few percent. Banks have the bad habit of not understanding this and giving loans that are just under that X required to make or break the venture. Instead of a $12,000 loan, you get $10,000. You end up cutting corners in a way which makes the company not viable.

                              Don't be one of those people. You'll just end up with a loan you can't pay back. Make sure you get everything you need to do the job. And in this case, I feel a new edit system falls into that category.
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                                Thanks Jim, that's probably a good idea. I can't really drop any accessories though, the batteries and tripod and mics are all going to be necessary. I could drop the blu-ray burner and that'll save me some but it won't buy a new workstation. But yeah I see what you're saying, it would be stupid to upgrade if it's truly expired for HD, and more stupid try and go without a new system. As much as I hate to I'll probably see if my parents can front me a new system, at least that would be interest free. Or maybe I'll hold off til I can afford the system on my own. Either way, thanks for the help everyone!