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    h.264 or MPEG2 in TS conainer

    maffmace Level 1
      Before I purchase Premiere CS3 I wondered if anyone knew if it will imort the following (or if Encore will):
      1080i/1080p mpeg2 with AC3 5.1 audio in TS container (.ts)
      720p mpeg2 with AC3 5.1 audio in TS container
      1080i/1080p h.264/avc with AC3 5.1 audio in TS container
      1080p wmv-hd VC-1 with wma 5.1 audio in WMV container
      720p h.264 with AC3 5.1 audio in MKV container
      1080i/1080p h.264/avc with AAC 5.1 audio in MP4 container

      most Hi-def videos these days are in these formats and I'm wanting to back mine up to Blu-ray and keep the 5.1 audio with no downmixing to stereo. Can premiere handle any/most/all of these formats?

      If it can't, can anyone suggest what to use to convert them to a format Premiere would allow (except mpeg2 TS files which I can convert to mpeg2 PS)

      any help/advise would be greatly appreciated