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    Superimpose video onto video

      Could anyone tell me how to achieve this idea:

      I want to film a person sitting in a chair in an empty room.
      Then film the same room full of people but with an empty chair.
      Then mix them together so it looks like the person sat in the chair is in a room full of people. That way i can speed up/slow down either footage.

      I've tried over laying the video footage and playing around with the opacity of each but i can see through the person sitting in the chair - it doesn't work at all.

      Help would be much appreciated.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Use Ultra or KeyLight in AE to achieve a chroma key of the person in the chair and use the other part as background. You may need to reshoot the first scene with a good green or blue background for the key to succeed and maybe apply a matte to the first scene.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            If the person is sitting still, you could make a track matte out of an exported still image using Photoshop.

            Otherwise prepare to work on the footage one frame at a time. A process called Rotoscoping.
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              Level 1
              I've done this thing before.

              As long as the sitting person footage and the people footage don't cross i.e. people don't move behind or in front of the sitting person - you can use the garbage matte effect. Also, you can still use a garbage matte when people are moving behind the sitting person if the chair back fully surrounds the sitting person with not see thru.

              If people are moving behind the sitting person with a see thru chair back or are moving in front of the sitting person, then you'll have to do a great blue or green screen of both scenes before using them in ultra or applying premiere's chroma or green screen effect.

              BTW, I have never been able to create a great chroma key effect with video thats not 4:2:2.