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    Changing window focus stop video playing

      hello, i`m a bit new in premiere, my first time with it was about 2 years ago, but now i`m starting to use it frecuently, I have premiere CS3, and i work with dual monitor config. and something that i allways was trying to figure out is that when i`m working with some video, i often need to see another files, or read some IM message since i work with people in other places, etc. and everytime the premiere windows loses focus, it´s stop playing or whatever is doing. and since i have the second monitor with the video preview in full screen, i want to keep seeing it when i change from one window to another, most of time this tasks out of premiere only took a few seconds of seing some information in other program. but I cant do it at the same time with the video playing in the background, and often I need to pay attention of the speech of the video and i want to use that moments to see another things that i need for the work.

      Please if someone knows a way to fix this tell me, I think that this may be a common issue for many people, since many people inthis industry work in a "multi-tasking" way.

      thanks. and excuse my poor english.