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    Time Code Effect  Source Monitor and rendered .AVI movie display different timings???

    llaferte Level 1
      Im seeing a strange error and hope someone might be able to help me out. I am shooting elementary classroom reading lessons for a study by the University of Michigans School of Education. It is important to the study to see what takes place over about a 2hour period of time.

      Im shooting with 2 cameras. 1 on the teacher the other on the students. Im shooting on mini DV. The first camera I start about 4min ahead of the second so that when the 1hour tape is filled I can switch the tape in camera 1 while still capturing activity on camera 2.

      When I edit the footage I am cutting back and forth between the 2 cameras. One initial shot is of the classroom clock as it ticks from one minute to the next. I later use this footage as a guide when establishing the Time of Day.

      When the entire lesson is edited together and cut. I add two transparent video tracks each with the Timecode effect added. The first I synchronize with the classroom clocksetting the Timecode Source to Generate matching the Starting Timecode with the clock footage. I then crop the frames portion so viewers will know the time of day the footage was shot. The other I leave the Timecode Source set as Clip. I use the size and position controls to move the two timers into the upper left of the screen.

      When I view the finished video in the Program Monitor everything looks great. When I Export|Movie to an .AVI file the video looks correct but the timers are off. The last frame of the video in the Source Monitor displays 11:28:19 for the clock timer and 02;02;00;23 for the total time timer. But when I view the .AVI the last frame displays 11;03;40 for the clock and 01;37;36;25 for the total time.

      So how did I lose 24min between the Source Monitor displays and the rendered .AVI displays?