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    The Perfect I/O Card for CS3

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      As I mentioned earlier, all I miss from my capture card days (Pinnacle DV-500 and Matrox RTX10) is the ability to have a global Input/Output (I/O) solution built into the Premiere application. The downside, as several posters have mentioned, of the Matrox capture cards (also I/O devices) is these things cause all sorts of problems and crashes -- probably because they are trying to do too much at once. My problems stopped when I removed my Matrox card (and smashed it with a hammer). That said, I never had any problems with my Pinnacle DV-500 capture card when running with Premiere 6.0 and 6.5 so it IS entirely possible for a capture card to actually work.

      Thus, I wish Adobe would either put out their own capture card or team-up with a better manufacturer -- and get serious about I/O in their this or next edition. One no longer needs to process on a capture card as the computer's CPU now has enough power to do the job -- especially the Quad processor which seems to work well with CS3.

      Getting back to I/O -- all Adobe would have to do is sell, or get someone to sell, a compact simple card that had just the following I/O ports:

      A. Firewire I/O port (1)
      B. S-video I/O port (2)
      C. 2-channel Audio I/O (4)

      Forget the usual composite ports, they take up too much room. S-video is better anyway and most analog tape/DVD machines have S-video anyway. Thus A - C would total only seven ports (1+2+4) and these seven ports would be compact enough to put on one card -- thus no "break out box" would be necessary to add expense to the device. This would give all the necessary ports to handle digital and analog I/O and again, no processing (or processor fan) would be needed, thus reducing cost of manufacturing.

      I don't know about you, but I still have a LOT of analog footage to digitize as I have been shooting (2-inch, 1-inch, 3/4-inch, beta, VHS) video since about 1978. Thus I really need reliable, easy to use, analog I/O and I imagine any professional, who has been in the business for a while, has lots of analog footage in their library. With the price of STOCK footage these days, I'm not about to forgo my library just because it analog. In many cases, my analog footage actually looks better than my digital footage as the analog footage often acquires a "film look" as it ages.

      So I BEG Adobe (or one of their reliable partners) to put out a cost-effective I/O card (less than $300) that has seven (7) lousy ports; does NO processing and WORKS internally with CS3 with NO conflicts. That would really be the ticket(1)

      James Jaeger

      (1) For those of you will say: "Just purchase a converter box and it will do all of the stuff you require above." I already have purchased two (2) converter boxes and I am not entirely happy with them. First of all they do NOT put ALL of the I/O controls INSIDE Premiere CS3 as the capture card/software "solutions" do. Second, these converter boxes are temperamental. They often take time to "find" their connections and often one has to jerry-rig their computer and peripherals to make them perform. For instance, I am currently using the Canopus Grassvalley converter box and this thing will NOT convert data from the computers firewire port into analog data for, say, an external NTSC monitor. Instead, I have to take the computer's firewire output into the firewire port on a digital camera and then come OUT of the cameras analog ports into the converter box and THEN out of the converter box to an NTSC monitor. Complete horse. There are other problems, but you get the idea.