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    Transitions, and effects disappear after save and re-open


      I had this problem way back in November and there were several posts on the issue then (which i can't find now?) of all transitions on the timeline not working when you save and re-open a project.

      At the time the work around was to select all, move everything along the timeline a few seconds and then hit Ctrl + Z to undo.

      Was wondering if this is still the case as it doesn't seem to have been fixed in the update 3.1.1.

      Seems to be the case with SD and HDV footage on all of my machines.

      Any help on this would be useful, I'm meant to be training a class on CS3 next week and having to use this work around everytime a project is opened up seems sloppy, it must have a fix?

      Intel Due Core 2.66Ghz Processor
      2GB Ram
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      Nvidia GeForce 8500GT
      3x500GB SATA Hardrives
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          Lee: I had the same problem with my documentary. Did you hear of a "fix" for this? What I did was copy all the clips in my project and paste them into a new sequence. Yeah, it increased the file size. Wish I knew about your process, sounds much easier and less time consuming.
          I used a final good sequence to create my DVD via Encore, so I have good master DVD with all the working transitions. My system: Adobe Premiere CS3, Windows XP, 2g ram, 149g HD, 10K processor.

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            Hi Mark,

            Yes the simply solution is

            1) Ctrl+A on the timeline to select everything
            2) Move everything along the timeline by a few seconds or so
            3) Ctrl+Z to undo

            This causes all the transitions, effects etc.. to reappear or work.

            However, this is really annoying and I have to do this on every sequence on every project all the time! Is there anyone else that just accepts that this is how you open a timeline in CS3?!!

            There were tonnes of posts on this topic back in october, I can only assume that people are just accepting this work around everytime they open a project?