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    Missing Audio mixed bunch 32khz and 48khz


      I have an audio problem as well. I have been reading the MPEG questions but so far I haven't found what I am looking far.

      I'm relatively new to editing. I edited a video on Adobe Premier Pro CS3. The volume for all of the clips was audible in Premier. Now when I transferredd to DVD, I can't hear some of the audio. Specifically, I can not hear the parts where I used the on camera mic. The hz for that was 32 and the hz for everything else was 48. Can anyone tell me if I can fix this problem without having to reshoot the footage?
      I am working in Windows XP.
      The original file is an avi. I set the audio preset to 48hz. I encoded as MPEG2 SVCD and then I burned a DVD-R using Nero. When I was burning on Nero I believe the audio setting in Nero was 44.1khz. I need this to be played on TVs. Can anyone help? Everything was going pretty well up until now.

      Thank you