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    horrible You Tube preset with Adobe Encoder...

      I uploaded my first video to You Tube and was rather shocked by the horrible quality, especially since I used the You Tube preset in the Media Encoder. Thankfully I read some threads here and elsewhere that talked about this, and so it helped me to make some uploads. Perhaps the best at this point was a piece I read in Videomaker, which suggested Quicktime, NTSC Source to Streaming 256kbps, H.264 encoder, square pixels, 640x480 (by the way I shoot in standard def -- call me "old fashioned"), bitrate 2000 kbps. Audio is 32 bit, 44khz. This seems to work very well, though not "perfectly."

      What's with Adobe offering such a substandard preset?

      Could anyone share their feelings on this in terms of what works best on YouTube? Would it give me better quality if I went above 2000 for the bitrate -- what is the upper limit for You Tube on this anyway (realistically speaking)? Anyone have the secret to excellent, crisp video on You Tube that they would like to share? Thanks in advance.