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    Encoding Settings for Mediawiz

      Hi all can you help me out with an MPEG2 encode setting issue?

      In the product specs on encoding it says:-

      1) Files should be program stream files of audio/video, video only or audio only, - not transport streams.
      2) Use 4:2:0, not 4:2:2 encoding.
      3) Recommended resolutions are 720 x 576 or 704 x 576 in PAL, 720 x 480 or 704 x 480 in NTSC.
      4) Recommended closed GOP with an I-frame every 15 frames.
      5) In MPEG-2, both fields should be encoded. This is the normal default.

      The problem is when I encode the settings are different from what is stated in the FAQ.
      The resulting mpg file plays fine until the end of it, where the DV68 reboots itself after every loop.
      These are the Basic settings I have in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3:-

      Quality:1-5 "set 5"
      TV Standard: PAL/NTSC "set to PAL"
      FRAME W:720
      FRAME H:576
      FRAME RATE:25
      FIELD ORDER:Upper/Lower/None "set to None"
      Pixel Aspect:4:3/16:9 "set to 16:9"
      Profile:High/Main/Simple/4:2:2 "set to Main"
      Level: High/High1400/Main/Low "set to Main"

      BITRATE Encoding: CBR/VBR "set to CBR"
      BITRATE:0.192-15 MBs "set to 6"

      -GOP Settings-
      M Frame:1-8 "set to 3"
      N Frame:3-126 "set to 12"
      Closed GOP every: 0-99 "set to 15"
      (Tick box) Auto GOP placement. "set to on"

      As I stated I think these are correct but the box reboots at end of clip thats longer than 3 mins. I need to show about 1 x 10min clip of a corporate logo on a 16:9 Plasma. What are the Optimium setting I need?