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    Adobe LAME (Steve Jobs Hates Adobe, too)

      As I've stated several times in these forums, Adobe has only one thing on it's mind. $$$$ The recent release of Premiere "Pro" CS3 is another example of Adobe releasing software that is buggy and for the most part, unusable.
      This runs across the board to ALL adobe products. I recently switched back to Avid editing software because of all the problems I had. I gave my unregistered version to a college kid who threw it away after becoming so frustrated with it. The university I teach at has also switched back to Avid after a little prodding and several visits to these boards where they could witness the frustration that everyone is going through. We also no longer use photoshop. All Adobe products have been removed. Most people can not even install the latest software because of the changes to adobes install programs. Now, they have even managed to piss off Steve Jobs. Here's the link.