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    Capture Problems

      I am having some serious issues capturing video into Premiere. So serious that I can't capture anything at all. When I open the capture Window, it comes up fine along with the video to be captured. Then, when I go to capture it, after a few seconds it will say, "Cannot capture, try increasing pre-roll time." I then will increase the pre-roll time a lot and try again but it still won't work it does the same thing. I am sick of having to use other programs to capture the video. When I do capture the video in other programs, it will only import the first 4:45 of that video. The remaining video just freezes on one frame and makes an awful noise. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get this working?
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          Phil Griffith Level 2
          what are you capturing and from where? DV-AVI from a camera thru Firewire? Maybe some more details would be a good ideal.
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            Level 1
            Sorry, I guess details would have been nice. I am capturing via firewire from Mini-Dv. I have just been playing the video directly from my Canon XL-1 camera. And as I said, I can get the video to capture fine in other programs. And all the video works fine in other editing programs. But when I go to use it in Premiere, it only takes the first 5 minutes of video. The rest is junk. I hope I am making sense.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              > The rest is junk. I hope I am making sense.

              Not really. Is it your shooting capability or something else? Please explain what you mean by junk.
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                Its the capturing. That part that is junked is the video after 5 minutes of captured video when I bring it in to Premier. As said above, I can capture in other programs alright but when I pull a file, let's say that is 10 minutes long, I can only play the first 4:45 of that file in Premier. From 4:45 on, it is junk. It freezes on one frame and makes a loud noise. This part is junk. Thus, if I have a twenty minute clip I want to capture, I have to use other software other than premier, and do it in separate file with the length of the individual files being no longer that 4:45, so I would have to do roughly 4 different captures instead of one capture of the full 20 minutes. I would prefer just to capture directly through Premier but it gives me the error as stated above.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  This is a weird one.

                  Any chance your capture drive is FAT32 insteasd of NTFS?