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    Grrrr. ExtendScript update & System Restore clobbered my CS3 trial

      Hi all -

      I had a strange experience this last weekend. I run Premiere Pro 2 and early last week I decided to DL & try the CS3 versions - I had my gripe list to look at and made a couple of test projects to try out.

      I set up a clean install of XP Pro on a new Workstation and got it updated & shiny clean. Dl'ed the trial and got to work. I saw some things I liked, it 'seemed' a bit faster, etc. I got a few projects out. Anyway in the middle of one of my test renders (long affair - LOL), the Adobe DL manager decided I needed an update of ExtendScript. Fearing a bad outcome (which I got anyway) I cancelled it (or so I thought). Well shortly thereafter the render hung up. Wasn't able to do a shutdown, so I had to kill the machine. I booted it up, and tried to render again - hung each time. The next morning machine did not want to boot. - at all -. I finally got it to boot in Safe Mode and used a System Restore point to get to where it would boot right. The System Restore for some reason, (I think the message was 'to protect file integrity' renamed & made a copy of the 'Adobe Utilites' folder.

      As some of you may have guessed - the trial is now 'ended'. Ahhhhh - GRRRR!

      Mostly venting, but I DON'T like the idea of a DL Manager running when I'm rendering. I haven't looked to see what the options are, but I sure don't like the idea that the trial installed the Update Manager without me getting a notification or a chance to set an option on when to DL & install.

      Like I said - mostly venting here, LOL. BUT it took ten points off of my generally very high opinion of Adobe.

      jon b