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    Can't import .MOV files


      Whenever I try to import .MOV files for editing, I get the following error message:

      File Import Failure:
      File format not supported.

      I looked it up and Premiere Pro CS3 does support MOV format; why is this happening? I don't have any QuickTime software installed right now, I use VLC as an alternative to playing MOVs because honestly I loathe the QuickTime program. I thought Premiere Pro had a built-in QuickTime decoder anyway.

      Any ideas? Thanks.
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          Two things.

          First, I believe you need to have Quicktime installed to use any kind of .mov with Premiere.

          Second, .mov is more of a container than a video format. You can put all kinds of video into an .mov file, and not all of them will edit well, so it's still possible that even with Quicktime installed, this file will not edit.
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            How did I see that coming... Well as long as I can make something else the default player for QuickTime files I could attempt to install it.

            According to VLC here:
            The video stream is SVQ3 codec, with a resolution of 1280x720 and a framerate of 59.94. Strange never heard of that video codec before.

            Audio is mp4a coded with 2 channels @ 48KHz at 16 bits, with a bitrate of 1536 kb/s.

            Well its all probably a moot point anyway, because I'm sure CS3 doesn't work any better with DivX than Pro 2.0 did. Which is doesn't work with it at all. I still don't understand how an industry standard program can not work with one of the most popular PC video standards... even some DVD players are made DivX certified.
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              Jim_Simon Level 9
              That is a Sorenson file. Given the video and audio data, there's a pretty good chance it will not edit. Still it can't hurt to try it once Quicktime is installed.

              And the reason Premiere Pro doesn't play nice with Divx and other such files is because those files were designed for playback, not editing. The requirements for each activity are VERY different.
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                Well all I'm really doing is going to be adding some music, not really any video editing.

                However, let me be blunt about this: I can say that it doesn't play nice with DivX simply because they are too lazy to support it. I've opened and edited plenty of studio-quality DivX files with Ulead VideoStudio with no problems at all. Of course the requirements for editing and playback are very different, but that is still no excuse.

                *EDIT* LMAO, Did i seriously just get an error message about file format not being supported when trying to import an MP3?! What kind of ripoff scam does Adobe have going here?
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                  > Studio-quality DivX files with Ulead VideoStudio

                  That is a contradictory statement in many ways. DIVX+Ulead does not equal studio quality...
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                    > MP3?! What kind of ripoff scam does Adobe have going here?

                    MP3 is fully supported.
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                      Well what I meant as far as studio quality is, I can successfully encode an entire video with DivX with whatever quality I desire, and it turns out very well using Ulead.

                      Anyway I don't know why it wouldn't import MP3, luckily I have a simple music converter that I was able to use to convert it to WAV.

                      That's the kind if thing I'd run into using Pro 2.0 a while back. I'd have to convert things several times to get them "compatible" with pro 2.0 for editing.

                      *P.S. How come under the export options I don't see .MPG? I see QuickTime and AVI...
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                        Jim_Simon Level 9
                        It sounds like you're using the trial version, which does not support MP3 or other MPEG options.

                        As for Adobe being too lazy...well, I myself would prefer they concentrate their resources primarily on professional source media support, not consumer viewing media support. I mean, that's what consumer programs like Ulead are for.
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                          > I mean, that's what consumer programs like Ulead are for.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            It is rather like saying, "I have a Ferrari F40, and I want to load up the wife, 3 kids and the dog, to go camping in the high country. How lazy of Ferrari to not design the F40 with enough room and plenty of ground clearance to go four-wheeling.

                            Premiere was designed for a particular job, taking high-quality footage and source material into it for editing and output to many different delivery formats. If you wish to go get groceries with it, it will fail miserably. Same for bringing in delivery-format material and wishing to edit.

                            Note on the MP3 format: its highly compressed already. Yes, you can convert it to other formats, but the quality loss has already taken place, and you cannot recover that. Then, youll recompress it to go to DVD, or whatever - more quality loss.

                            As Jim points out, the trial version will not handle anything MPG by design. The full version will do a much better job, but one is still faced with the problems of re-compression of compressed data. Start with excellent source material in the highest form and Premiere does a wonderful job of editing that and outputting to various delivery formats.

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                              What a clever analogy. Very true.
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                                Well my point is not about quality loss of already re-compressed audio (im aware of that), or about inability to properly edit certain video formats. My point is that I expect a flexible industry standard program... like Photoshop for example. I should be able to import whatever I need (compression and quality issues aside) edit it, and successfully export it to any format the program supports. If Photoshop were made like Premiere, I'd go to import a GIF and because it's more of a "playback only" image, I would have trouble editing it and when I'd go to export as JPG or PNG i'd only be able to use the original 256-colors. Thats just crazy.

                                And DivX is a prime example. Should one really be restricted to not being able to use a program because a certain codec is designed for "playback" as you say about DivX? Because when I look at my options... WMV is for Windows Media Player only, MOV is for QuickTime only, and I seem to be missing MPG for some bizarre reason. That doesn't leave many options.

                                DivX is one of the most flexible codecs out there. And you can NOT tell me it's meant for playback only, because it has the most encoding options of any video format, and it's fast. I can choose several levels of noise reduction, crop the video, scale up or down in frame size, choose exact bitrate, etc ALL through the codec options screen... reguardless of what program i'm using. Plus as I already mentioned many DVD players have been DivX certified.

                                Speaking of missing MPG options, take a look at this screenshot... are these all the output options I should be getting on the full version? I could of sworn I activated it.

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                                  Dan Isaacs Level 2
                                  Wow. This thread is bizarre to me.

                                  Cody -- Believe me, I have more than my fair share of complaints about PPro (you may have seen of of my other posts) but you just don't seem to understand (or want to listen).

                                  DivX is not an editing codec, regardless of its many options for encoding. It stands to reason if a codec is meant for "playback" then you must also be able to encode it. You can encode MPEG2 for DVD (and there are many options) but that is certainly not an editing format -- even you would have to admit that, no? BTW -- export of MPEG is handled through the Adobe Media Encoder. Read the manual.

                                  Perhaps DivX's many options is what makes it difficult for Premiere to work with... I don't know. I do know that DivX uses very heavy compression and sparse keyframing (not unlike MPEG or WMV). Many DivX .avis use .mp3 compression for the audio and I know that there are some sync issues in other VFW apps. I've never tried it in Premiere.

                                  Note that MPEG files are indexed by Premiere when imported. I don't know the ins and outs of this process, but I guess that this is a way to allow fast non-linear access to frames within the MPEG stream -- regardless of GOPs, etc. I guess they could have done something like this for DivX, too. However, as the main use of DivX is ripping and distributing (illegal?) movies and anime, I guess Adobe did not make it a priority.

                                  If all you're doing is replacing the soundtrack I suggest using VirtualDub. You can even use the "Direct Stream Copy" mode and avoid re-encoding and degrading your video. Have you tried importing the DivX .AVIs in Premiere through ffdshow? That might work. Anyone who uses DivX should already know about this stuff.

                                  There is a very cool website called Google where you can search for and find lots of information about DivX and how to use it properly :)

                                  "Studio-quality" DivX ??? That's a good one. How about a pedigreed mutt... a priceless replica... a state-of-the-art abacus...
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                                    Phil Griffith Level 2
                                    >I expect a flexible industry standard program... like Photoshop for example.

                                    Since you expect it....I'm betting the people at Adobe are jumping all over themselves to get it for you.

                                    Me, I'm expecting a million dollar check in the mail just any day.
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                                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                      You are confused, I understand that. But ease up on the problems you are finding because you don't know the program well enough. Ask questions instead of making odd statements.

                                      Export Movie is really only of value to export DV. ALmost everything else is done via the Adobe Media Encoder. Look closer in the Export menu and you will find it. That is where Quicktime and WIndows Media and MOEG files are exported.

                                      As far as DivX is concerned, it is not designed to be edited, and is not supported for many reasons. No amount of complaining will ever change that as far as I can tell. Premiere Pro is designed to edit video from video cameras, not from Internet downloads. And no camera shoots and records DivX, not yet anyway.
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                                        Ruud Blauw Level 1
                                        >And no camera shoots and records DivX, not yet anyway.

                                        Unfortunately there is, at least one: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-SC-X300L-Camcorder-Optical-External/dp/B000MAORM0
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                                          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                                          So there is. A consumer camera. So maybe Adobe's Consumer video application should support it. But not the Prosumer application.
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                                            Hmm, Here are the options I see when I go to use the Adobe Media Encoder:


                                            As for the rest of the discussion: Thanks for actually being civil with your response Steven, and not using a lame car or poodle analogy as a smart alec response.

                                            First, I'm not editing a DivX file. I'm editing a .MOV file encoded with the SVQ3 (Sorenson codec). It's not DivX. All I wanted to do was simply to export to DivX. Maybe I should ask this: What file types are good for editing since PPro is so damn picky? What file types are good for exporting? I didn't start editing video 5 minutes ago; i'm not a stupid ***. It's obvious that most codecs are made for playback... so that's an excuse and say well tough **** you just can't edit it? Of course codecs are made for playback!

                                            And DivX "as the main use of DivX is ripping and distributing (illegal?) movies and anime"? you've gotta be kidding me. If you're going to go that low then don't even bother with a response... that's not the issue here. And on the contrary, I think I know about the subject more than you. According to you all, formats like DivX are made for illegal porn, not made for editing, and not studio-quality. How the hell did it make it out of the beta stages then? DivX is about being able to get the maximum quality with minimum file size possible. I don't see what's wrong with that... plus it's a cross-platform codec that doesn't require it's own ****** program (like QuickTime) to play it. I guess you all think something doesn't qualify unless it's an uncompressed avi or another format that guzzles hard drive space with no concern for compression?

                                            @ Phil's comment: What a way to twist my words. I was saying, I like Photoshop so much, and feel it is an absolutely excellent program from Adobe (I've been using it for years), and so I thought PPro to be an excellent program as well... because it's made by the same company. I wasn't demanding anything from adobe; why don't you check your own ******* mailbox for that check and quit posting in this thread.
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                                              Jim_Simon Level 9
                                              >And you can NOT tell me it's meant for playback only,

                                              Actually, we can. Because it is. And you make the point very well of why it is - all the options available for encoding. Most source formats have only one option. They are very strict standards allowing for minimal or no user choice as to how it's encoded. This ensures that any video using that format will be nearly identical in properties to any other video using that format. And THAT is what makes them good for editing, and formats like Divx, WMV, MPEG etc, not as good for editing.

                                              >Plus as I already mentioned many DVD players have been DivX certified.

                                              Again you're making our point. DVD devices are for PLAYBACK, not editing. There are many ways to create a Divx file when you're done editing. And there may even be ways of editing a Divx file (or Sorenson encoded file). But Premiere Pro is not one of them. You'll likely find that only consumer programs can handle the task, because as a rule professionals just don't shoot in such formats, so we have no need to edit them.
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                                                Jim_Simon Level 9
                                                >What file types are good for editing since PPro is so damn picky?

                                                In standard definition, DV media that you shot yourself using a DV camera. Any other kind of video could cause problems.

                                                For high definition, then your best option is DVCPro HD. (HDV is also supported, but does have some of the same issues with it that Divx files have, so I consider it a poor option myself, though others do seem quite fond of it.)
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                                                  Dan Isaacs Level 2
                                                  Wow, Cody -- Lighten up, man.

                                                  I never said that DivX is used only for illegal porn. But, let's face it: DivX was originally made from a hack of the Microsoft MPEG4 codec for the purpose of efficient ripping of DVD content. You can't change history. I know that there are many who use it for legitimate purposes.

                                                  I still can't believe that you've never Googled "DivX Premiere Pro". You could have had all the answers you need in seconds without the need for profanity or conspiracy theories.
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                                                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                                                    It looks like Cody has a trial version. If MPEG is missing it indicates a trial version because MPEG is not supported in the trial versions due to licensing issues.

                                                    If that is not the case, then Cody's PC has some serious codec problems.
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                                                      Level 1

                                                      Thanks for all of your help, everyone. I apologize that this topic has become so heated, and to using profanity. It's just very frustrating because I value the programs editing capability, and feel it's a shame it's so limited to only a select few formats to work with. I guess for a PC video editor (e.g. no real life video), this is not the program as it really only edits DV media well.

                                                      I guess "Make every phase of video production more efficient with Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS3 software" is only entirely true if certain criterion are met. For a $799, I'd hope for a little bit of everything, but oh well. I have some shopping around to do :)

                                                      @ Dan: Oh I wasn't aware of the entire DivX history. But at least something good came out of it. Well if you think about it, Apple and Microsoft really stole the whole GUI think from Xerox... there are a lot of things that came from something that may not have started out entirely "good" or "fair".
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                                                        Dan Isaacs Level 2
                                                        You're right about that Cody. As I said, I have many complaints about PPro also. I've been using Premiere since version 4.2 and I'm sad that it still hasn't grown up to be "all that Pro". Never believe everything that Adobe tells you in their marketing materials.

                                                        ps: Best of luck dubbing "Theme from Shaft" over your Scandinavian art film.

                                                        (that's a joke, of course)
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                                                          Level 1
                                                          Lol, thanks.

                                                          One last request. Do any of you have a link describing all the limitations of the trial?
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                                                            Jeff Bellune Level 5
                                                            >Do any of you have a link describing all the limitations of the trial?

                                                            No. And the lack of such information has generated no end of unnecessary confusion. Adobe should have made those limitations readily available and prominent on the web site.
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                                                              Jim_Simon Level 9
                                                              I think lack of MPEG support (including .mp3 and HDV) is the only limitation, no?

                                                              >I value the programs editing capability, and feel it's a shame it's so limited to only a select few formats to work with.

                                                              I actually find that something of a plus. Adding support for every format under the sun would cost resources that I think are better used for other things, as well as generate a whole new set of issues that would consume further resources to work out.
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                                                                Eddie Lotter Level 4
                                                                > Do any of you have a link describing all the limitations of the trial?

                                                                Perhaps this?:

                                                                http://ppro.wikia.com The PremiereProPedia
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                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                                  Wow Eddie,

                                                                  That was quick. Two things that you might think about for that page (your link), would be the addition of "30 days, with no chance of re-install and no rolling the computer's clock back," and "be sure to use all the proper tools for completely removing the "trial version," PRIOR to attempting to install the "full version." These have proved to be gottchas' based on the # of posts to the forum. Otherwise, perfect link and something that Adobe should have had in bold red print on their download page, as Jim points out. If the above material was on the link and I missed it - well, never mind.


                                                                  Maybe it would have been better to state your concerns differently in the initial post. Something along the lines of "I have the trial version of CS3, and cannot export to DivX, etc." would have saved a lot of speculation on the part of the forum participants. I, too, assumed that you wished to edit DivX and were ripped that it was not easy. Oh, it can be done, with limited quality success, but often requires several intermediate steps, even to the point of using another program to transfer the material to DV tape, for Capture by PPro, with the resultant losses for already lossy material.

                                                                  As you point out, DivX (and its cousins) do a lot of pretty good things for delivery of video. I dislike them only because clients often walk in with them and want them edited. However, I am going to DVD 99% of the time, so I like material that is uncompressed to begin with - just like PPro does.

                                                                  As for Photoshop covering all bases - well not quite. It is very strict about Importing JPG images. Too many times I've had to Open them in another app, with less strict requirements, Save_As, before PS would even touch them. OTOH, it is more tolerant of varied formats, in general, than is PPro. One reason - most of those formats have been around almost as long as PS.

                                                                  Sorry that the car analogy didn't do it for you. I'll try better next time.

                                                                  If you do go with the full version of CS3 (unlikely from the sound of it), please see my note to Eddie. You MUST uninstall the trial version completely and clean the system with tools from Adobe, PRIOR to any attempt to install the full version. If you miss, even one tiny piece, you will have problems, either with the installation, the working of PPro or the Functional Content.

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                                                                    Eddie Lotter Level 4
                                                                    Thanks Bill. Some of that info was available on a different page. I have added your points to that page to make it crystal clear and I put a pointer from the FAQ page to the detail page.

                                                                    http://ppro.wikia.com The PremiereProPedia
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                                                                      we're running into the same problem as the original post. we're still i bit confused. how can we import .MOV for use in a project?
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                                                                        Eddie Lotter Level 4
                                                                        Please provide these details to help us help you:

                                                                        http://ppro.wikia.com/ The PremiereProPedia
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                                                                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                                                                          Where did you get the .mov from? Are you on a Mac or a PC?
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                                                                            This is teacher...

                                                                            The student got the .MOV file from digitaljuice.com from a PC. It's a bit surprising that PP does not support .mov. Is it a case of simply converting the file with a converter?
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                                                                              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                              I could save a word processing document is mymovie.mov which does not mean that Premiere will edit the file

                                                                              The point is, what CODEC is used inside that mov file?

                                                                              See if the FREE http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ will give you the information to post here
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                                                                                Jim_Simon Level 9
                                                                                I imagine those should work, so long as some form of Quicktime is installed on the machine. What exactly happens when Import is attempted?
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                                                                                  Level 1
                                                                                  Typical pop-up window from PP telling me that the file type (.mov) is not supported.
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                                                                                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                                    As JS said, the mov format REQUIRES that Quicktime be installed

                                                                                    Note that the last fully compabible verion I know of, of QT is 6.5.2 (unless some of the versions since then are also compatible, but I have read reports that SOME of the version not only don't work, they cause problems)