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    Considering PPro CS3 for HDV editing, have a few questions

      I'm in the process of migrating from Ulead Media Studio Pro (no longer supported by Corel) to a new video editor. I've been tinkering with the trial version of PPro CS3 and reading info on the web, and this has lead to a few questions that I hope this knowledgable group can clarify for me. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help!

      1) Memory leaks. I've read a number of scary posts about memory leaks. In my trial testing, especially when playing with the titler, the application ground to a halt after a while. Is this problem under control in the "full" version? BTW, I'm running WinXP Pro, 2Gb Ram, Core 2 Duo E6700.

      2) I have a Canon HV20. Again I've read all kinds of comments regarding the ease or not of importing and editing HDV using PPro CS3. How well does this application really handle HDV? Is an intermediate codec necessary to make the timeline performance acceptable? My understanding is that if I want smart rendering capability, I'll need to purchase the Main Concept MPEG PRO HD 3 plugin? I've also read a number of comments that suggest this plugin is not really ready for prime time? Is this still the case? How slow is rendering performance w/o this plugin and/or how much quality degredation results from re-rendering?

      Thanks again!
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          PPro CS3 works 100% fine with the HV20. Just don't count on editing that footage once it is done, because it doesn't work like that. PP creates 1 file ( .mpeg )

          U most likely read my other posts, and workaround, but it works great.

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            Thanks for the reply! I did read your post where you indicated that importing HDV into PPro CS3 resulted in an MPEG file with video sync problems. Have others seen this same problem? Am I correct that PPpro doesn't do any type of scene or timestamp split of imported HDV files? As you point out, there are workarounds, although I don't have Pinnacle as you do. I suppose I could use MSP8 to import - it works fine as far as audio sync but also has no scene split capability for HD files. I gave HDVSplit a try, but had audio sync problems. Others have used it w/o problems, so I should probably give it another try.

            Once your got your "workaround" files into PPpro, how was the rest of the editing process? Any memory leak or rendering problems? I notice you reported a very long rendering time for a 57 minute process? I assume you don't have the MainConcept codec that allows smart rendering? BTW, an 80 minute MSP8 HD project took about 18 hours to render, with smart render on. It did have a lot of transitions and many inserted still images with pan and scan, so those undoubtably slowed the process a lot. Not ideal. HD rendering just really stresses even relatively high-end PC's.