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    Jagged on LCD/Plasma 50inch screen

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      Edited a full movie on PPCS3 - used the following settings DV-PAL 32Khz. Movie was shot on Canon DM-XL2 3CCD 800K megapixels (Broadcast quality) camera. Authored using Encore CS3 with 25i frame rate. 720x 576. Burnt DVD's Etc. All well on Ordinary TVs. Picture is crystal clear and sharp. I don't own an LCD TV and recently viewed same DVD on LCD / plasma. The picture looked jagged like some sort of lines running through it. Could it be that I needed to edit in 48Khz or DVCproHD 720p 24p. Not sure which option to use. Also will it play OK on both TVs and LCD's? Don't want to be fiddling with different options if someone has already worked it out.
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          Whether the XL2 is broadcast quality may be open to discussion. IMHO it is just a consumer camera. Your sound recording was definitely consumer quality, 32 KHz. The jagged image you saw is probably caused by interlacing effects. It may be that the TV you saw it on is not the best quality, but since you did not mention that, I'm guessing.

          If you did not shoot in DVCProHD format (and you can't with a XL2), no sense it trying to convert to that.
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            Miles Johnston Level 1
            You need to check that the settings on the Plasma / LCD are not set up for effects like noise reduction...and other "setups", in the menue of the screen.

            These screen suffer from very bad Scvaling, which can indtroduce very bad frame artefacts. (What did the pictures look like with Freeview terrestrial digital.)

            A SONY 32" TV used to introduce very severe frame jaggy issues on horizontal motion. Many of these TVs work OK for the higher frame rates in NTSC, and are evry poor for the 50HHz PAL format.

            On one LCD 32" the images are very poor for motion tracking, while a simple 28" SONY widrescreen TV gives excellent images. A Panasonic 50" Plasma gives great images.. BUT ONLY with an external SCALER, which correctly Up-Scales the low resolution 625 image up to its higher resolution pixels.
            Its a simple case o what kind of number crucncher you have in the display device.