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    Midi and PPRO cs3?

      I simply! want to record from my mini midi keyboard to an audio track in
      I was playing with a midi sequencer called Mixcraft 4 - perfectly adequate
      for choosing sounds/banks but I can't see video.

      So I thought how about trying to record to a PPro audio track while Mixcraft
      was performing in the background and letting me make noises (music?) by
      pressing keys.
      To my amazement, by turning on "Record Master" in my SB Live! wave device, I
      managed to get the sound showing on the meter inputs in the Audio Mixer
      while I pressed midi keyboard keys.
      I pressed record and all seemed ok, then pressed the spacebar - all was ok
      for the first view seconds and then looped to an ear piercing crescendo...
      The first bit recorded OK then collapsed...
      Has anybody tried this with any different results?
      Any fixes?

      am I going to blow up my computer?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          I've never tried Midi recording in Premiere, of any flavor, but have done a bit with Sound Recorder, by setting the SB to "Record What U Here." Can't recall if Sound Recorder is included with Windows, or is freeware. I'll usually just to a Video only Export (low-rez) and play that in WMP, or similar, while viewing, recording. I like your idea of doing it all at once in one app.

          Audition 3 now handles Midi well, and also Video, so one could do exactly what you describe in it. I've just gotten the upgrade and have not installed it yet, so I do not know the +/-'s of that program.

          Only a guess on what happened with your setup: sounds like there was feedback, that killed the session. One thought would be to Mute any existing Audio Tracks, while you record to another. Maybe the SB got both feeds and just flipped out. Hope you were not wearing headphones, or had the volume cranked up! Might want try the Mute Audio Track, just to see if it helps, WITH the volume way, way down, just in case.

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            Good to know I'm not nuts!
            I've tried muting/volume etc but can't seem to crack it!
            Let me (us) know if you experiment and get any interesting results...

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              you're a genius Bill - just muting the actual channel you are recording to
              solves the feedback problem and results in the most wonderful .wav file from
              the Midi input - all timed/ synched to the playing video in Premiere Pro

              It's just sitting there on the timeline - something I've been trying to do
              (easily) for years - Hooray!

              This file can now of course be further mucked around in in SoundBooth CS3
              (and CS4 which I'm beta testing and looks great!)

              tell the world if they didn't know already or are interested... (g)
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Glad that it worked. Sometimes, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.

                Enjoy CS4. Know you'd have to kill us, if you told us anything, but give Adobe good reports, so all the features that the folk here have clamored for can be implemented - well, almost all.

                I'm going to be installing Audition3 when I return, and hope to implement some of its Video and Midi features. Trying to do a 39 Track edit in Audition2 for a DTS/5.1 mix and having to juggle between PP and AA2 is killing me. I've tried to do the edit with VLC Player on one monitor and a scaled down AA2 on the other, but I keep having the wrong program focused, when I want to Pause, and VLC Player doesn't know the Spacebar - Grrrrr. I wish I were not headed out of town, as I would like to get this Project wrapped up.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  >This file can now of course be further mucked around in in SoundBooth CS3 (and CS4 which I'm beta testing and looks great!)

                  When you say that, do you mean SoundBooth CS4, Premiere CS4, or both?
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                    Afraid only Soundbooth CS4 - I lied about Soundbooth CS3 as it died when I
                    started testing SB CS4! - but I see no reason why you couldn't edit a .wav
                    file in it...
                    As for PPro CS4 - a question for the gods - but once again you can "muck"
                    around with a .wav file in PPro CS3!

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                      Kill Bill? - don't worry...

                      AA3 sounds interesting - Soundbooth CS4 IS interesting! - it may do
                      everything we (I speak for myself) audio illiterate visual savvy lot might

                      Let me know how you get on...