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    HTMLLoader from SWF

    andros Level 1
      I am loading a swf into an AIR app created in CS3.
      In the AIR app I use HTMLLoader.createRootWindow() which works fine.. but I would like to call this function from the SWF that was loaded into the AIR app.
      I cannot call it directly from the swf so I am trying to reference the Function that uses HTMLLoader.createRootWindow(). Something like:

      var html:HTMLLoader = HTMLLoader.createRootWindow();
      var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(" http://www.someplace.com");
      MovieClip(html).call_function = call_ function ;

      That was an attempt to pass the Function into the loaded swf the same way I pass a variable.
      MovieClip(loader.content).var1 = var1; -- That works.

      Any Ideas for passing a function? I already declare the function in the loaded swf.. now just need it to become the one passed in from AIR.

      Is there a way to bring the HTMLLoader capabilities into a swf without making it an AIR app?