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    Recording Voiceovers in CS3

      I am making a small documentary in CS3, and now I need to do the voice overs. I have use Premiere for about 6 years, and can do them in previous versions, I even checked my current setup using CS2 and it works a treat.

      In the current version of CS3, I follow all of the steps in the help guide, everything looks right, and even sound like it will work- yet nothing is recorded. The Drive I am saving has space free, I have tried mono and stereo tracks- no joy.

      I have made new projects just to test the sound recording, it does not work. I have been through the audio hardware setting, and have come up with nothing.

      To finish my doco, I need to save as a backward compliant version so I can open it in version CS2, or to fix this Audio problem. Is there a significant change in CS3 from 2?