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    Best codec for exporting in AVI format

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      I've been using Adobe Premiere CS3 for the last couple of months and am nearing completion of a video I'm making. I intend to export my finished work as an AVI file and have been experimenting with different codecs by exporting short clips and then watching them with VLC player. So far I haven't had much luck. I've tried the following codecs:

      DivX Mpeg-4 Fast Motion
      DivX Mpeg-4 Low Motion
      Xvid Mpeg-4

      When I try to use the Xvid codec, a new window with 'XVid status' comes up and then Premiere freezes. With the DivX codecs, the video quality is bad and the picture goes all 'fuzzy', especially during transitions...

      Does anybody have any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance