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    Adobe Premiere + WoW Model Viewer

      Hi :)

      Im starting to do World of Warcraft movies, and i got Adobe Premiere.
      Heres an example of what i dont know how to do in premiere:
      When using Sony Vegas u recorded something in WoW model viewer - Could be someone walking for example - The background color u use when recording was green.

      Then u add the clip of the walking person into timeline, and i need a background picture then - lets say a road, where the person can walk on.

      Problem is now, that the Green backgroung blocks the picture - so i needed the green background color AWAY - so what u had to was to go something called "Video Event FX", and then something called "Chroma keyer" - From there u could adjust the color background and remove it.

      Now i know its a confusing explenation, but what i need is to get removed the background, of the walking man, so i can use the picture as background instead.

      Anyone knows what im talking about and can help ? :b